Driven by a love for the arts, our winery finds inspiration in the harmonious exchange between the art of winemaking and collaborations with select artists for our wine labels. Each bottle is a canvas, capturing the essence of this unique fusion, inviting you to experience a journey where artisanal wines and fine art converge in every sip.


Our journey began with London-based artist Rachel Dein, followed by a special edition for the 10th anniversary of the BETTINA wine featuring the acclaimed American pop artist Ed Ruscha. Stay tuned as we unveil our third collaboration this spring.

10th Anniversary

This tenth anniversary presentation is a collaborative adventure - a weaving together of friendship, art, wine, and a celebration of nature.

I met the Los Angeles based American artist Ed Ruscha in the late ‘90s. An aspiring art historian, I was fascinated by his distinctive word paintings and trompe-l’oeil gunpowder drawings. Years later when I pondered an artist wine label series, Ed was always my first choice. The opportunity to collaborate with him on this project is a true honor.

When Ed presented the abstract artwork that encases this bottle, he said it reminded him of falling grapes. It invokes the dizzying cascade of grapes during gravity flow winemaking and creates an environmental backdrop that is at once tactile and celebratory. Embedding the word NOW on the label is a subtly powerful gesture. Rather than existing as a mere piece of text, it takes on its own form and encourages us to be present and mindful. For me, the time is now to be caring stewards of nature, to embrace beauty and to treasure community.

Bettina Bryant

Cabernet Franc

This bottle of Bryant Family Vineyard Cabernet Franc pays tribute to two passions of ours: art and nature. The interior of the handcrafted walnut box features a unique impression of our vineyard botanicals by London based artist Rachel Dein. Like the unique harvest that delivered this wine, Rachel Dein's artwork captures the essence of nature in a given moment in time. With painstaking detail similar to that which has gone into creating this incredible wine, Rachel creates her molds using a process that goes back thousands of years. The result is a glimpse into the nature of our vineyard as captured in early summer and printed on handcrafted paper sourced from a mill in Switzerland.